Jupiter 3

Jupiter 3 on a leica m3

Jupiter-3 – Sourcing my Perfect Soviet Lens with a bit of Help From Skyllaney – By Sasha Tsyrlin

My first memory of a camera goes back to my childhood in USSR and me holding my grandfather’s Zorki or FED (I don’t remember which). I remember looking through a Soviet Universal turret “revolver” viewfinder. I really liked rotating it and seeing different image sizes as the viewfinder changed for the different focal lengths. I really don’t remember what lens my grandfather’s camera had, but I imagine it had to be a Jupiter of sorts.

Lomography 50mm f/1.5 Zenit New Jupiter 3+ Art lens Review

A few months ago – the very same week the Lomography New Jupiter 3+ was announced – I had an email from a chap at Lomography in New York. He’d spotted I was having a lens from a compact camera modded, and wondered if I wanted to try out their Minitar; a Lomo LC-A lens modded by Lomography to M-mount. Obviously I said yes, I’d really like to, but if they were up for loaning me gear, the lens I’d really like to borrow first is the New Jupiter 3+.

Since it was only just released at the time, the demo copies were out in the hands of much bigger fish than me. As such, I had to wait a little while. A few weeks ago, after bothering the nice marketing lady on the Lomography stand at the photography show, a package landed on my desk containing a rather trendy looking box with a very shiny lens inside. This post compromises the thoughts and experiences I had in the few weeks I had to play with it…

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