KameraKraft LM10GRIP and LMGRIP

KameraKraft LMGRIP V2.0 & LM10GRIP V1.0 Leica Camera Grip Reviews

A few weeks ago I received a new LM10GRIP KameraKraft grip for my Leica M10-P. I also already have the LMGRIP for my M4-P. I must admit, I haven’t tried a lot of different grips for my Leicas, but now I’ve tried these ones, I’m pretty convinced I don’t need to try any others.

Vincent Bihler who designed these grips is someone I’ve been in contact with for a good while now. He’s written articles for 35mmc, and we chat fairly regularly. Despite this, I almost couldn’t believe it when he originally showed me the first version of his grip – it didn’t just look ‘OK’ like most Leica grips do, it actually looked really good… though it was clear it was going to come at a price!