Kentmere 400

First of the roll - Céu in Oslo at Cosmopolite

Céu in Oslo on a Small Rangefinder Camera – By Hugo Vasconcelos

I am an enthusiastic Brazilian photographer, people and music lover, since I moved to Ireland in 2015 my passion about photography went to that level when you can’t stop documenting the experiences of living in a foreign country, shooting friends, local people, festivals and many small gigs around Dublin.

A few years ago I decided to go into the magic of film photography and get my first analog camera, I did a good research online and found the Olympus 35RC in a very good condition, a beautiful and manual rangefinder of a similar size/weight to the digital Fuji X100T I used to carry with me. The Olympus is beautiful and easy to use, an incredibly sharp 42mm lens quality, just perfect for travelling and documenting anything  without being noticed, so I learned many things about film photography on that one, a lot of mistakes but I always carried it with me.

5 Frames Pedalling to York with a Voigtlander Vito II – Sam Knight

Travelling by bicycle has long been something I enjoy. Why though had I decided on a bicycle trip to York? A long time cycling friend of mine moved to Edinburgh a few years ago and we’d worked out that halfway between his house and mine was York! A weekend bike ride of 210 miles each would mean a proper catch-up over a decent meal and a few (too many) beers.

The bicycle and the camera work well together, it’s easy to stop when you’ve spotted an interesting subject to shoot; something that’s harder when travelling by car: plus you can still travel a decent distance in a day by bicycle with relative ease.

Overnight Curfew at Lviv Train Station, Ukraine – by Simon King

The writing and photographs here were written and photographed shortly after my arrival in Lviv, just before midnight which is during the imposed citywide curfew. Shared here is not a final or finished piece of documentary, but a single slice from a much larger body of work which I will continue to work on until it is ready to be published in full. The photographs are far from anything technically perfect, all made either at 1/second or lower on a bulb exposure, held as steady as I possibly could. There were only a few very dim lights in the station to work with until the sun rose.

Empty Paris – Covid 19 & Parisian Walks with a Minox 35ML – Angèle Fourteau

April 2021. France was again in a state quarantine due to Covid 19’s third wave. We were restricted to an area of 10km around home plus a night curfew. From my teeny tiny flat, all I wanted was to get outside and go for a long escaping walk…

Fortunately, I live in Paris, and there is a lot of things to see, and neighborhoods to get lost in.

For all those “10km walks” during this quarantine time, I always grabbed my Minox 35ML.

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