Kodak Pro Image

‘Dessert First!’ – Film Cameras and Sentiment in my New Photobook – By Hanna Quevedo

‘Dessert First!’ is a book of photographs taken with a few different cameras during the nine years I spent traveling North America. This book compiles photos of my best friends, artists who inspire me, people who touched my heart, my house in San Francisco, and so many places I will never forget. I have so many indelible memories.

Pentax ME Super

5 Frames with a Pentax ME Super & Kodak Pro Image 100 – By Kyle Klain

I’ll be the first to admit I am not much of a 35mm connoisseur. In the past decade my focus has been shooting landscapes and archaeology with medium format systems and the occasional 4×5. Last year, pre-Covid times, I was sitting poolside with a friend who had recently discovered her father’s old Pentax ME Super and knowing I was a film devotee, offered it to me, unsure if it even worked.

Vertical Panorama

5 (Vertical) Frames with a Minolta Riva Panorama and Kodak ProImage 100 – By Victor Lopez

This small camera has gotten some highlights on 35mmc over the years. Hamish already has published a really good take, hence, I won’t bother you much with the details. I’ll just encourage you to look through the viewfinder, it will really put you in the mindset of shooting panorama pictures. You get the classic center focus point indicator of myriads of P&S cameras, but the frame lines, coupled with the general width of the viewfinder will really make it kick in:

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