Kodak VR35 K14 & Chinon Auto 2001

Chinon Auto 2001 & Kodak VR35 K14 Review – Vision of the Future From the Past – By Thang Nguyen

This is a review of the Chinon Auto 2001 & Kodak VR35 K14 – the Kodak VR35 K14 is a rebranded and slightly tweaked Chinon 2001.

It was apparent that the 80’s was the decade that automobile manufacturers shifted their design philosophy. Every car then was starting to adopt design principles that advocate accentuated straight lines and bold shape to create a futuristic appearance. Who could forget the striking design of the DeLorean car from “Back to the Future”? If you are an analog shooter who admires the design of this car then look no further than the Kodak VR35 K14 and the Chinon Auto 2001 These two cameras were introduced in the 1980’s, bearing a distinctive aesthetic that perfectly embody the 1980s design principles.