Leica 28mm Elmarit-M

Leica M6 - Elmarit-M 28mm 2.8 - Kodak 400TX

5 frames with a Leica M6 and an Elmarit 28mm on Kodak 400TX (at EI800) – By Michael Palmer

I’ve been shooting film since I was a kid, starting with my fisher price 110 camera. I learned to develop my own black and white in 2001 and have on and off kept shooting film ever since. I went through a big digital phase, when Canon released the Digital Rebel 300D, I picked up my first digital SLR, next, when the 5D came out, I had to have it.

Leica 28mm 2.8 Elmarit-M ASPH Review – one of the best lenses I’ve ever… sold…

I only shot a few photos from a couple of rolls with the Leica 28mm Elmarit-M ASPH, but it was enough to realise that it’s nothing short of a stunning bit of kit. As good as it is though, I didn’t keep it long. Owning it just made me realise that I should own my ideal 28mm lens – the Minolta G-Rokkor 28mm f/3.5 – instead. I shall get around to writing about the Minolta lens in more detail another day. This post – all be it a short one – is largely about the Elmarit-M, the limited but very happy time we spent together and the personal reasons it just became a stepping stone to the Minolta.

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