Leica 40mm Summicron

5 Frames with Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 II, Minolta CLE & Leica Summicron-C 40mm f/2 – Steven Bleistein

Neopan Acros 100 had always been one of my favourite film stocks, right up until it was discontinued about two years ago. Acros 100 was contrasty, rendering rich blacks and accentuating the dramatic and the moody in photographs. It is a tabular grain film like Kodak T-Max 100. Like Kodak’s T-Max films, Acros 100 was eminently pushable, and its grain is so fine as to make images almost indistinguishable from digital without looking close. When Fujifilm announced it was going to release Acros 100 II, my expectations were high.

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