Leica M4-2

Leica M4-2

5 Frames in Bilbao with Leica M4-2, Voigtländer VM 35 mm f/1.4 Nokton Classic II MC, Kodak Tri-X pushed 2 stops (1600 ISO).

The first international trip since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought us to Bilbao, which offers many photographic opportunities and challenges. Of course there is the Guggenheim museum which photographers can best take advantage of for stunning images if they use a digital camera with an ultra-wide angle lens or a wide angle zoom.

5 Frames with a Leica M4-2 and Zeiss ZM 50mm f2 Planar – By Thomas Inman

I got into film photography in 2017 starting with a square format TLR before picking up an Olympus 35 RC which became my daily carry. I love the tiny RC and the relative quality you can get out of the Zuiko lens, the 42mm focal length also really seems to suit my perspective when shooting street. I wanted something a bit more special though and something that could be adapted to different uses as I like shooting portraits of family and friends, and the occasional landscape too.

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