Leica M4

5 Frames From the Washington Square Park Snowball Fight, January 2021 – by Simon King

Snow is my absolute favourite weather, even when it inconveniences me it’s worth it in so many ways, and I’ve never once not been happy to be out in it. However, I haven’t had many opportunities to photograph using it as an element, as London rarely sees a decent fall. Snow in New York is something I’ve greatly anticipated, and it was only a matter of time before one of my visits aligned with the season. Storm Olena hit towards the end of my last visit, and after having to wait in during the first day due to train cancellations I made it into the city two days after the blizzard hit. The street photography potential was rather quiet, but I enjoyed how different everything was to what I was used to. Not just the visual changes but the behaviour change in the people I did see out, all dealing with the cold and difficult walking conditions in their own ways.

Analogue Portrait Photography with Leica M rangefinder Cameras – by Marc Wick

This is not a review of Leica M cameras. There are quite a few, and every one has its pros and cons. All of them are rangefinder cameras and have one thing in common (at least for me), they look beautiful and work very well. I used an M6 but switched to a black M4 which I now use for most of my portrait photography. Like many analog cameras, the M4 is very easy to operate, there’s no need for a 500 pages instruction manual. Choose the film, measure the light, set the aperture and shutter speed and I’m all set to go.

Leica M4 and Rollei Infrared 400

5 Frames with a Leica M4 and Rollei Infrared 400 – by Steve Karsten

I live in the great white north (aka Michigan) so the arrival of Spring means two things

       1.  We go to Florida, because Spring really arrives around the middle of May, not March 21.

       2.  When the sun finally rears its head long enough to make a difference the arrival of leaves on the deciduous trees, I load up some infrared film to soak up all the IR light from all the photosynthesis going on.

Kodak 2238

5 Frames with Kodak 2238 in a M4 with a Canon LTM 50/1.4 – By Bill Thoo

I am no Kodak 2238 expert. In fact, I was introduced to Kodak 2238 by Michael Bartosek when I was lucky enough to be included in his project to shoot this film. The Kodak 2238 Project produced a zine, created a Facebook group (Kodak 2238 Project), a spin off group (The Ultra Low ISO Club), a podcast (The Ultra Low ISO Club with Michael Bartosek, Edward Conde, and Jason Konopinski), an instagram (@Ultra.Low.ISO.Club), and an Etsy store (HandRolledFilm). Everything I know about this film has been learnt from these guys, but any factual errors will be my own.

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