Leica M7

Leica M7 Ferrania P30

Being a 1950s Movie Star – In Cambridge with Ferrania P30 – By Iain McGlinchey

“Shoot some cine film” that little voice in my head said.
“You know you want to”.
Well, I’ve shot a fair bit of Cinestill and enjoyed it.
“Remember that roll of Ferrania P30 in the fridge that you’ve been too scared to use?”
Whoa now!! That’s not fair. I’ve just been used to the warm security blanket that Ilford HP5 affords. Loyal and forgiving, like your oldest friend or a faithful dog.
Maybe I need some excitement in my life after this long and drab pandenic.

Leica M7

5 Frames with Rollei Infrared 400, a Leica M7 and Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f/4 – Steven Bleistein

Infrared film photography has always intrigued me as a way of getting some unusual effects. I had a roll Rollei Infrared 400 which I had been wanting to try out for a while, but was just waiting for the right time and inspiration. An approaching typhoon off Japan yielded some rather dramatic cloud formations in an otherwise deep blue sky, and I though the time was right to give infrared a go. 

Leica M7: Beautiful Camera; Neither Here nor There – by Steven Bleistein

About three years ago, I bought a pre-owned Leica M7 in excellent shape offered at a great price. I had intended to use the M7 only for a two or three months while my Leica M3, my only Leica M body at the time, was being overhauled at Kanto Camera in Japan. I figured I could resell the M7 for at least the amount I had paid. Yet when I got my M3 back, I could not bear to part with the M7 and decided to keep it. Readers take note! This is how the Leica money sink starts!

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