Leica Monochrom

The Peat Bog, Impressions from Another World – by Christian Schroeder

While I’m writing these lines, the Corona pandemic forces me to stay at home – you fellows will probably go through the same situation. Today is Saturday, March 21, and Germany has just cracked the number of 20,000 infected people. As the future seems uncertain as it never did anytime before in my life, I dive back into the past. I remembered a particular trip to a peat bog in autumn 2016. Together with a friend, we discovered this bleak landscape. It was a mild in late October – so mild in fact that I could even wear a T-shirt. To find the images from back then, I had scroll up a little bit in my Lightroom catalogue. Well, consider this article as a novelty. It’s the first time I show you a set of photographs taken with a digital camera.

(First) 5 Frames with the Leica Monochrom and 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 – By Rob MacKillop

After a bit of a windfall, I suddenly found myself able to indulge in a camera I had been intrigued by, and yes, consequently lusted after since it first arrived on the scene: the Leica Monochrom. I purchased it used from Red Dot Cameras, and it literally arrived the next day. Mine is the first iteration, based on the M9 body. The 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 was available at a much lower price than the Leica lenses, so I ordered one from this website. It too arrived the next day. Great service all round.

5 Frames with the Lomography Minitar Art Lens – by Barnaby Nutt

Saturday 24th of March saw the ‘Beers and Cameras’ photowalk around Birmingham, brought about by our hosts Richard, Robert James, Martin ‘Photowalk.Me’ Smith and a certain Hamish Gill of this parish. The idea was that photowalkers would meet in a café at lunchtime, wander the streets of the UK’s second city taking pictures and stopping off for a beer or two along the way before something to eat (and some more beer) in the evening.

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