Lomo Scale Focus Camera

Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A – a one-roll / 15-year review

The Lomo LC-A is, without much doubt one of the most well known Soviet cameras. Despite being what basically amounts to a very basic, fairly low quality, point & shoot camera, the long term influence its had on the film photography community and industry is fairly huge.. but, there’s load online about all that stuff. As such, I thought I’d write a bit about my personal experiences with this camera – experiences that span at around 15 years and range from initial distaste to me eventually deciding – thanks to shooting only one roll with it – that my latest Lomo LC-A is a keeper!

Lomo LC-Wide Review – The Ultra-wide, Point & Shoot

Since the day it was released I’ve been intrigued by the Lomography Lomo LC-Wide. It’s not often these days that new film cameras are brought to market, never mind one that offers something of an almost entirely unique shooting experience. Of course just because it’s unique doesn’t necessarily also mean it’s going to be good. And what with the not insignificant price tag attached to these things, I’ve never quite bitten the bullet and bought one. So when Hannah from Lomography UK emailed me to ask if I’d like to try one, I said yes – I had nothing to lose!

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