Lomography Spinner 360°

5 Frames with the Spinner 360°

I’ve had a thing about panoramas for some time and have experimented with rotation points and stitching software quite a bit over the years. Analogue panoramas are something else though. Posh schools seemed to do whole school photographs using panoramic cameras with rotating heads. None of my schools had enough space for the whole school to sit together, or teachers who were brave enough to try to herd us all together. I’m also aware of the Hasselblad XPan, the Widelux and the Russian Horizon cameras, but they are quite pricy (and I’m quite cheap).

Lomography Spinner 360°

Lomography Spinner 360° review – Analogue Panorama Shots on the Cheap

Dedicated panoramic cameras tend to be a bit pricey. This Lomography Spinner 360° is refreshingly affordable. It retails new for £89 on the Lomography website. I bought a shop-soiled copy from a popular auction site for a bit less than that (because I’m a cheapskate). At some point, someone seems to have decided on a dolphin logo for this camera. I’m not sure what relevance the Dolphin has to panoramic photography, but it doesn’t detract from form or function.

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