The Souls of Burning Objects – by Sonny Rosenberg

I have to admit that as I begin writing this article I’m experiencing more than a little bit of trepidation, not because I have a fear of writing, but because I’m concerned that you will think me completely crazy after reading this article. I wish I could assure you that you would be wrong in …

The Souls of Burning Objects – by Sonny Rosenberg Read More

5 Frames of Reno Fever Dream… in Blue! – By Sonny Rosenberg

In my first article for 35mmc I mentioned Jorge Otero’s fabulous little Lumenbox, which has become one of my very favorite cameras. When I ordered my Lumenbox, Jorge kindly included two Lumenbox lenses for me to experiment with. Lumenbox lenses are simple plastic meniscus lenses that offer a lot of distortion and chromatic aberration, just my cup of tea.

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