Mamiya Medium Format Camera

Mamiya 6 Automat

Mamiya 6 Automat Mini-Review – A small, cheap 6×6 with a good lens!

The Mamiya 6 Automat, a 1955 folding 6×6 folder has been reviewed most engagingly on Youtube by a bloke called Martin Henson, who has a great accent and a great photographic eye, in addition to an unpretentious and accessible way of explaining things. It’s a camera that is actually superfluous to my ‘needs’ as a …

Mamiya 6 Automat Mini-Review – A small, cheap 6×6 with a good lens! Read More

Mamiya C330F, and How I Turned it into a Swan – By Rene Villaroman

Late last year I was confined to my apartment for a week and that opened an opportunity for me to write about a 6 x 6 format camera that I have been meaning to buy for years. That medium format camera is the redoubtable Mamiya C330f Twin Lens Reflex. I own two Rolleiflex TLRs, a 3.5 E and T with a prism finder; I should be happy with these two MF TLRs. But I was intrigued by the possibility of added versatility that the Mamiya could bring to the table, so I pulled the trigger on one being auctioned on eBay. The seller stated that he was not sure if the camera was working or not, and that he did not know much about it to say that it worked. But the kicker was the “Buy it now” price: $25 plus shipping.

Mamiya Six II – Early Version Review & Images – By Dan Cuny

For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed shooting with older folding medium format cameras. These cameras are generally smaller and something I can fit into my pocket for easy transportation. Also, use larger film than 35mm, so the ability to enlarge or crop the image gives more flexibility. Their lenses are somewhat flat in contrast, but I can change that after processing and digitizing the images.

Mamiya C330

Mamiya C330 Review – The hunt for the perfect 6×6 – By Anton McCloud

The Mamiya C330 is one of those cameras that ‘got away’ for me. TLRs are a bit of a love hate relationship. When I was starting to shoot medium format, I spent many nights trawling through the internet looking for information about what is out there, and more importantly what could I afford.

You can skip down a bit if you just came for the Mamiya C330 review. Read on if you want to know the history of the Mamiya TLRs though the telling of a wee lad getting into film

Mamiya 6 IV

Mamiya 6 IV Review – The Original 6- by Ray Goodwin

When one thinks of the Mamiya 6; an image of the well renowned 1990’s version comes to mind. However, there was a medium format, 6×6 rangefinder that out dates this model entirely. This is where the Mamiya 6 IV enters the stage, from many many years ago. I have had my eye on shooting medium format for a number of years, although the only thing that really put me off was the price of the cameras needed to shoot the format without the whole ‘lomo’ look and aesthetic.

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