Medium Format Scale Focus Camera

Agfa Isolette L – I Dared to Repair… and Won!

Between 1937 and 1960 Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany produced a series of compact folding medium format (6×6) film cameras, the first being named the Isorette which was quickly changed to Isolette and then post WW2 to Jsolette and then back to Isolette.  There were eight main versions and a couple of variants thereof, including those sold (and some made) in North America by Ansco as Speedex models.

Horseman Convertible

Horseman Convertible – Discovering a New and Rare Camera – By Art Meripol

My 50-year career as a photographer started in the early 1970’s. High School had me photographing our school yearbook with a Yashica TL Electro. Moving to my college newspaper and yearbook I briefly used a Yashica Mat 124 TLR before a benefactor loaned me a Minota SRT-101. I managed to scrape up the money to buy my first ‘professional’ camera, the original Olympus OM-1 shortly after its release. I think it is still one of the all-time great mechanical film cameras. I vaguely remember having two of the small sharp Zuiko lenses, a wide and short telephoto.

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