Medium Format TLR

Mamiya C330

Mamiya C330 Review – The hunt for the perfect 6×6 – By Anton McCloud

The Mamiya C330 is one of those cameras that ‘got away’ for me. TLRs are a bit of a love hate relationship. When I was starting to shoot medium format, I spent many nights trawling through the internet looking for information about what is out there, and more importantly what could I afford.

You can skip down a bit if you just came for the Mamiya C330 review. Read on if you want to know the history of the Mamiya TLRs though the telling of a wee lad getting into film

Voigtlander Bessa & Brilliant V6 Two Classic 1938 Medium Format Cameras – By Phil Harrison

The Voigtlander’s in question are a 1938 Brilliant V6 TLR and a 1938 Bessa folder. My Grandfather had this model of Bessa, I found his camera in our attic and learnt how to use it when aged around 10, this gave me my interest in photography. I’ve seen transparencies using Dufaycolour (see note 1) film taken on his Bessa. I bought my current Bessa a few years ago together with the Brilliant. They seemed to be in good order, enough shutter speeds worked to take photos but a drop of light oil and the 80 year old shutters were smooth at all speeds. The lenses needed cleaning between the elements but the Bessa’s bellows proved light tight. They obviously needed testing with film.

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