Meyer Optik Görlitz Lens

Meyer Optik Görlitz 58mm f/1.5 Biotar II (The New Version) Review

This review of the Meyer Optik Görlitz 58mm f/1.5 Biotar II will be the 5th I have written about these new lenses from OPC Optics, the German company that own the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand. I have enjoyed shooting them all so far, and this new 58mm f/1.5 Biotar is no exception to that, not least because of its provenance as a lens formula. That said, I have changed my approach slightly with this review. Unlike the other Meyer lenses which, as manual focus lenses, I have shot exclusively in manual focus, with this lens, for most of my testing at least, I chose to mount it to my Sony with the Techart Pro LM-EA9 and so shot it almost entirely as if it were an autofocus lens.

Meyer Primoplan 75mm f/1.9 II On Leica M10-P

Meyer Optik Görlitz Primoplan 75mm f/1.9 II (The New Version) Review

The Meyer Primoplan 75mm 1.9II is the third of the new Meyer lenses I’ve reviewed. Unlike the 100mm Trioplan and 30mm Lydith of which I’d shot old versions before, I’ve never even seen a Primoplan lens, never mind used one. Added to the fact that I have recently found a lot of love for short telephoto lenses, not to mention that I find myself fascinated by new glass that bucks the trend of just trying to be objectively perfect, and I was all the more intrigued to see what this lens could do.

Meyer Optik Görlitz f/2.8 100mm Trioplan II (The New Version) Review

The Meyer Optik Görlitz f/2.8 100mm Trioplan II has been brought back to market for the second time in the last few years. It’s a unique lens based on a vintage formula that’s known for crazy soap bubble bokeh, and has a bit of cult status and is loved and loathed in classic lens user circles. I’m quite intrigued by lenses like this, so was very pleased when OPC Optics, the new owners of the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand agreed to loan me one to review.

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