Minolta x-300 with Minolta MC 58mm f/1.4 lens

5 Frames of Kodak Ektar 100 rendered thru a Minolta MC 58mm f/1.4 – By Robert Kapp

Before I show you my 5 frames let me introduce myself. I’m Rob, 33 years old and my family and I are living in southern Germany. This is my first time trying my hand at writing and I hope i don’t screw it up. My film photography journey began 7 Years ago with an East German camera named Altissa Altix 5 and six rolls of Kodak Ultramaxx 400 which i saved from my neighbour’s trash can. Yes. In 2015, film was thrown away. What a waste. Maybe it was Kodak Gold I’m not completely sure. Not that it’s okay to throw Gold away!