5 frames with a Minolta SRT303 and Ilford FP4 – By Allysse Riordan

It was a bright late spring day and I had the day off from work.

The latest lockdown restrictions had eased and I was slowly getting reacquainted with my bicycle. So I decided to pedal from my home to my local arboretum. Google Maps told me it was 20 miles away from my front door though I knew better than to trust it. I am in a habit of diverting to all the smallest roads I can find and Google is not great for that. Instead, I packed a paper map, plenty of water, some snacks, and my Minolta SRT303 paired with a MD Rokkor 24 to 50mm zoom lens. I loaded a roll of Ilford FP4, set the camera ISO to 200, and went off.