Minolta TC-1

A hand holds the tiny Ricoh GR digital III camera.

28mm Point & Shoot Showdown – The plot widens… – By Daniel Rider

After shooting for a while with 50mm and 40mm fixed lens cameras, I stumbled onto a Ricoh SLR and the old guy at the shop offered me a Pentax 28mm lens for cheap to go with the 50mm f1.7 standard lens. I had shot with an ultrawide 24mm equivalent lens on a digital camera, but found it almost too wide for most shots – the subjects seemed so small unless I got very close.

Minolta TC-1 – On Loan and in Love – By Robert

A little while ago during the summer I organised a Beers and Cameras Photowalk through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. It was a really nice walk with a beautiful bunch of people, all carrying a diverse range of gear. There were the ubiquitous FujiFilm rangefinders, some SLRs and a wide range of compacts. All pretty interesting in their own way but Isa stole the show with his massive Pentax 67.

The 35mmc (growing) Guide to the 35mm Advanced Compact Camera

I get quite a few emails from people asking me what camera they should buy. Quite often these questions get asked within the sphere of one or another type of camera, and probably the most frequent camera type I get asked about are what I call “Advance Compact Cameras”. To help answer this question I …

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