Minox Scale Focus Camera

Minox 35 GT-E

Minox 35 GT-E Review – Scale Focusing a Pocket Camera – By Anton Yakovlev

I want to tell you about one of my most beloved cameras. So small, so delicate, so powerful. My precious Minox 35 GT-E. This might sound like a clichéd addict introduction to a support group in American movie – but I suppose that’s what it is. I started with just a couple of film cameras I now have twenty of them. And I can’t stop, as they are all different, all offer different capabilities and provide different ways to have fun! And they all look cool as well. Addiction indeed…

Minox 35 GT

Minox 35 GT review – a true pocket camera – by Gaston W

I met the Minox 35 GT about a year ago, and it has stayed in my pocket ever since. You read it right, in my pocket. This is certainly the smallest 35mm camera I’ve seen. The Minolta TC-1 takes the prize for smallest 35mm ever, but it’s worth more than 10 times the prize of the Minox on Ebay. I’ll have to pass.

Berlin architecture shot with the Minox 35GT

Minox 35GT Review – Ilford HP5 & the Streets of Berlin – by Jean-Christophe Wiart

When I think about Berlin, there are tons of things that cross my mind; there’s the famed subculture of this city, and places like the Kunsthaus Tacheles, the wall, the wastelands to the east, or the architecture of Alexanderplatz.  Enough talk, let’s go for a long, long walk : Berlin is only 347 square miles wide!  In a way, I feel like Leonard Cohen is here with me, singing “first we take Manhattan” (… then we take Berlin).

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