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“Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good” review – By Neil Milton

“Can I ask you a question?” So opens Adriana López Sanfeliu’s reflective, affectionate portrait of her friend and mentor Elliott Erwitt. A question of a question. A fitting, subtle nod to the photographer’s ironic humour, and famed reticence for “museum talk” or philosophising his photography. The subsequent question, and answer, begins an intimate, often contemplative, hour-long journey into the life of the, at the time of writing, 94-year-old Magnum Photos member – and former president – who continues to work, preferring to let his photography speak. “C’est la photo qui doit faire du bruit.”

Hitchcock’s Rear Window – Watching the Watcher – By Frank H. Wu

Rear Window is a great movie, and taking photographs is the main character’s essential trait. Francois Truffaut, whose book turned director Alfred Hitchcock the man into one-name “Hitch” the myth, praised this screenplay as the best of all. L.B. Jeffries, enacted by Jimmy Stewart, is a foreign correspondent who has traveled the world but now finds himself laid up with a broken leg. Bored even/especially by his socialite-fashion model girlfriend, Lisa Fremont, played by Grace Kelly, he whiles away his days staring across the courtyard at his neighbors going about their business.

Kodachrome Movie Review – it’s Good Even If it is About Family, Not Film – By Frank H. Wu

Any film photographer who saw an advertisement for Kodachrome likely reacted as I did: “Gee, I really should check out that movie.” If you follow through, you might be disappointed that the story is about shooting slide film to the extent that acclaimed thriller Drive of a few years back was about an automobile race (the confusion the subject of ongoing litigation), but you would be rewarded with a family drama that is not only as much about family as possible but also as much a drama as imaginable.

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