Nikkormat EL

Nikkormat EL

5 Frames with a Nikkormat EL – By Stephen Curzon

About a year ago I was contacted, via my wife, by a friend of hers whose friend (hope you’re keeping up here!) had an old camera she was looking to sell. Somehow, I have the reputation of someone who will buy such things. It turned out to be a Nikkormat EL, in pretty good shape. It also came with a Nikkor 50mm F1.4 lens, and a Sigma zoom. I offered what I thought was a fair price, and after a little haggling, a deal was done. In truth, I probably paid a little more than the kit was worth, but it’s a nice chunky SLR from the 70s, and I do like it. The zoom, not so much, but it’s there if I need it.

Nikkormat EL index Provia box

Nikkormat EL Mini Review – A Trip To The Seaside with Fuji Provia 100F – By Clive Williams

I’ve had some fun since reviving my silver-based photography in 2018.  But I’ve become quite disillusioned with it in the latter phases of the Covid apocalypse.  In particular, the travel I used to do for business, which took me to places that stimulated my curiosity and offered stories to tell with pictures, has not been happening.  I’m fortunate enough to have been in continuous employment, so I’ve had money to spend on cameras and lenses, but they, and I, have had nowhere to go and nothing to do outside my home office.  It has, frankly, been getting me down.

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