NONS SL660 Image in windowlight

NONS SL660 Review – Exploring the World of Instant Film Photography

Instant photography is going strong. It’s no wonder the easy, fast, and deliciously nostalgic way of capturing memories continues to grow as it is the most accessible form of analogue photography. Many instant cameras are simple, automatic, and even kid-friendly.

Press one button and they shell out a piece of film magic. A moment captured and transformed into a tangible mini keepsake. No decisions or know-how necessary. But what if you want more control over your instant images? What if you want to explore techniques like long exposure or using off-camera flash?

Well, this is where NONS Camera has stepped in. The company, from Hong Kong now based in Shenzhen, has created a line of cameras that use Fujifilm’s Instax film but places the control back into the hands of photographers. Featuring manual settings for shutter speed and aperture as well as an interchangeable lens mount, these cameras are instant photography powerhouses.