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Olympus OM-2n – You Wait 6 Months For An OM And 3 Come Along – By Bob Janes

In the late summer of 2020 I started off a film challenge over on Dyxum. I planned to shoot a whole bunch of cameras including an OM camera. Now, my own OM-1, which is an early one, suffers from a capping shutter on 1/1000.  On digging it out I was rather horrified to discover that the silvering on a pentaprism was flaking.

Scratch that idea. I knew my brother-in-law had a pair of OM2n cameras, so I asked him if I could borrow one… Unfortunately my timing was bad for local lockdowns. It ended up being over six months before he was able to pass a camera to me… But when he did, the aluminium case he handed over contained three Olympus OM-2n bodies.

Olympus OM10 – It’s Not You, It’s Me – By Jay Ridsdale

Purchased for around £50 complete with a Miranda 28-70mm zoom lens, I never loved the Olympus OM10 and by the time we parted company I doubt it was all that fond of me. The camera looks like metal but is mostly plastic and it nagged at me that it was at the consumer end of the line and not one of the classic Olympus SLR bodies like the OM1. On top of that I didn’t like that you needed a separate attachment to control the shutter speed and shoot in full manual mode. The OM10 immediately seemed like a fraud but this was my initiation to film photography and I still had high hopes for the results.

Olympus OM-10 camera with lens attached.

Olympus OM-10 – My Journey and Review – By Jessica Goodwin

In 1972, Olympus released the first camera of the OM SLR series, the OM-1, which was followed by the OM-2, OM-3 and OM-4. In 1979, they released the first of their more consumer-targeted series, the Olympus OM-10 which was seen as a less ‘professional’ camera. Not that this mattered, as the camera did in fact go on to be a success, and I can see why.

Olympus OM-2n

Olympus OM-2n – My First SLR Film Camera Review – Ivan Studynskyi

My first experience with film started when my friend let me take some photos with her camera, one of which just struck me (to this day I think it is one of the best photos I have taken). After that, I remembered that at my parents’ apartment there is a point and shoot camera – Olympus Superzoom 700XB. It is extremely cheap and not so good, but it still worked. I took it to Barcelona for the holidays and shot two rolls of film there. When I got scans back – I got hooked.

Olympus Pen-FV review – Less is more (literally) – By Tim Lebedin

As any aspiring film photographer (or at least, any I can imagine), with time I found my perfectly fine Minolta Srt-101 lacking for some reason. Collector’s syndrome much? Yeah, I guess. Also, I’m super good at getting bored and finding pseudo-inspiration in new gear. Having used and bought a few (but definitely not enough) cameras, I’ve realized, that it is time to make a change not just in terms of a camera (I figured I couldn’t do much better than my recently bought Nikon FA), but in terms of format.

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