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Panasonic Lumix LC5 Review – Occasional Forays Into Digital – By Rock

In photographic terms, digital is still very new. So perhaps it seems a little odd to talk about digital cameras as being either ‘vintage’ or a ‘classic’. But then, digital photography is so far paced with new innovations and so-called improvements coming out all the time, I think it is more than plausible to consider older models as exemplars. Indeed, when I started to offload my digital gear a few years ago as I re-entered the film world again, I found myself not being able to part with one particular camera. Here, I present the Lumix LC5, which in my mind is a classic.

Panasonic GM1 and Olympus XA2

Panasonic GM1 Review: A Digital ILC Alternative to the Olympus XA2? – by Charles Higham

The Olympus XA2 has, for decades, been a popular small 35mm film compact you can carry around in your pocket. An excellent piece of design, it’s simple to operate with zone focusing and a respected f/3.5 35mm fixed lens. Having shot many photos with one, I looked for an inexpensive digital equivalent with the same convenient body size and the largest sensor possible.

Panasonic GH2 and 25mm f/1.7 – A new camera for the vlog

I recently started vlogging via my Patreon page, and in doing so found myself with a need for a camera, microphone and screen set up that allowed me decent quality without breaking the bank. I’m fortunate enough to have access to the cameras I use at work, so brought home a Sony A7s and one of the little lav-mics we use. To see myself whilst shooting I ended up going for a cheap Chinese screen that I mounted to the top of the camera. The quality was great, but the setup felt like overkill, and the big screen made the camera wobble which bugged me.

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