Panasonic Point & Shoot

Panasonic C-3000ZM

Panasonic C-3000ZM (Zoom 28) Review – A No Thrill Camera with Brilliant Optics – By Thang Nguyen

At first glance, the Panasonic C-3000ZM (also Zoom 28)  might not spark any interest. It’s black, chunky and plasticky just like other typical zoom cameras from the 90’s. However, it’s one of the pioneer compacts that packs a wide 28mm that extends to a good 80mm. The lens has quite a big aperture of f3.2 at its widest focal length, considering it’s a zoom compact. That’s faster than many prime lens points and shoots that often have an aperture of f/3.5.

Vivitar Tec 45 & Panasonic C-600

Vivitar Tec 45 / Panasonic C-600 Review – Remarkable Machines Without A Reputation – By Thang Nguyen

This maybe the first time you have heard of The Vivitar Tec 45? It’s a re-branded camera made by Panasonic for the US market, and is branded as the Panasonic C-600 for the rest of the world. I came across this hidden gem because I am an avid fan of Panasonic cameras, they are usually under-appreciated for their capabilities. For the most part, the film community often overlooks the name Vivitar because of an association with cheap products.

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