Pentax 110

Lomography 110 Tiger Film – My First Roll of 110 since the 90s

Back over Easter we went on holiday in my wife’s van around the west and north of wales. I used 3 cameras whilst we were travelling the Sony ZV-1, a Hasselblad SWC and a Pentax 110 auto. I’ve already reviewed the Sony, and have some thoughts to share about both the Pentax and Hasselblad at some point, though I’m not quite ready on either count just yet. In the meanwhile, I thought it might be nice to write about the first roll of 110 film I’ve shot since the 90s!

Shooting Pentax Auto 110 Lenses (On film and Digital) – By Jason Foster

As a longtime Pentax shooter, I stumbled across the diminutive Pentax Auto 110 by accident. The amateur-friendly SLR is an engineering marvel. Part of what I enjoy about it is manual focusing. This camera has a simple, split-screen focusing patch without a microprism ring. It somehow defies logic that I can see better than most 35 mm SLRs shooting with a camera half the size.

5 frames with Pentax 110 and adox HR50 – By Victor Doroshenko

Once upon the time I were shooting my first real camera, Nikon D40, and passing by a local photo shop, had seen the diminutive Sony NEX 5. I was hooked on the mirrorless miniaturization mantra of the time, and got one. The problem though was lenses: there were not many! Especially a cheap 35mm equivalent (24mm) was missing. That started my dive into the legacy lenses world, and ultimately film photography. That’s also how I met the Pentax 110 system, which by chance, included also the smallest 24mm lens I’m aware of. It’s build around the world-smallest SLR (pictured above with 70mm lens).

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