Pentax MZ-5

Markets in Yemen with a Pentax MZ-5 – By Jordi Fradera

Yemen, an impressive country, with a rich folklore and good people but always immersed in problems. In the spring of 1999 I took a tourist trip that I will never forget accompanied by my wife Iselda and my son Jordi. Yemen came out of a civil confrontation and was in a parenthesis of peace, this provided an opportunity to visit it. Of course it had its risk but we decided to face it. Unfortunately, shortly after, Yemen returned to a state of conflict.

That Time I Shot an 18-55mm APS-C Digital Lens on a 35mm Pentax Film Camera

Those of you who follow my ramblings will be aware that I’ve recently been through a little bit of a phase of shooting Pentax SLRs. The thing I’m beginning to love about them is how I can mount pretty much any Pentax PK lens on any of the Pentax cameras I own and get some level of functionality. It’s the understanding of that fact that had me dream up this slightly ill-conceived plan.

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