Pentax sp1000 fp4

5 Frames with a Pentax SP1000 / Zeiss Jena 50mm 2.8 and Expired FP4 – By Peter Roberts

I can hardly remember a time when I have been without a camera. Fifty-eight years ago at the age of ten I splashed out all my holiday money on what I suppose was a VP Twin at Woolworths in Margate and the bug has remained with me ever since.

One of my self-imposed lockdown tasks was to rearrange my cabinet of charity and junk shop camera finds. There was a time when I would have run a film through each one to see what happened but with such occasional film usage I found that I was wasting more chemicals than I was using and so have not done this for some years.

One of the cameras in the cabinet is a well-used Pentax SP1000. While I’m not actually a Pentax person, more of a Minolta man, I couldn’t resist it because of its local connection. On the baseplate is engraved “Avery Hill College”.