Petri 2.8 Color Corrected Super

Farewell to a Friend – Nearly a Whole Roll – By John Pemberton

In 45 years, I can count the number of cameras I have taken meaningful pictures with by using the fingers of two hands.  Three of these cameras are still in regular rotation.  Another is well maintained and could be of service if called upon.  Two were traded in for upgrades along the way.   Three now rest peacefully in happier pastures.  Of these three, a Ricoh KR-30 Program, sits as a potential organ donor on a shelf in California.  Two sit on a bookcase in the Photo-den of my house, a shelf below a stash of film and chemicals and a shelf above a growing collection of photobooks.  They share the shelf with relics from Jenny’s family, 2 – 100 year old box cameras that work but with no right sized film to be found.

The Petri 2.8

5 Frames with Babylon 13, Ilfosol 3 and a Petri 2.8 – A Slowly Developing Relationship

Part of my journey back into B&W film photography has been experimenting with different film types for different situations.  I have developed a love of using Ilford Delta 100 for street walks and PAN F-50 for landscapes in bright situations.  A portion of my digital work includes casual portraits with friends, so it’s been an interest of mine to find a good film for this situation as well.  My first audition for this niche was a 5 pack of Lomography Kino Babylon 13.  This emulsion has its uses, but I plan to keep looking and experimenting.

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