Ricoh Digital

Ricoh GR III – Early Impressions – By Louis A. Sousa

With the ordering back-log from B&H Photo cleared, I purchased this camera based on the GR-love expressed by Kevin Rosinbum, a/k/a Flickr’s Chickentender, a/k/a Eyewanders Photo. Kevin is a marvelous and inspirational photographer. These are my initial impressions from the first weeks with the new Ricoh GR III.  The sample The images were treated with minor adjustments in Lightroom.

Ricoh GR Mini Review – On The Road – Morocco by Motorcycle – by Nick Holt

I bring my motorbike to a halt by a crooked road sign where the rest of the group are waiting. A Moroccan man leans against a pillar with a bag at his feet – the symmetry appeals – I take my Ricoh GR from my jacket pocket – click. As I glance at the image on the back of the camera, the group takes off down the road. I hastily pocket the camera and follow.

Ricoh GR Digital Classic Review – My Story – by Gabor Dobrocsi

Following on from Hamish’s thoughts shooting his recently discovered Ricoh GR Digital, I asked him if I could share my story of shooting one from new in 2007. When I got this little camera new, in a so-called “Creative Set” with the wide angle adapter and add on viewfinder, it felt like a compromise from the start – I didn’t really want yet another compact camera with a wide-angle lens, I was much more interested in an entry level DSLR such as the Nikon D50 with a nifty-fifty.

Ricoh GR Digital

Ricoh GR Digital Review – Shooting a Vintage Digital Camera

The Ricoh GR Digital is by all accounts an elderly digital camera. Released in 2005, it’s been superseded 5 times. This possibly begs the question as to why I’ve just spent £100 on one…?

I’d been looking around for a small compact digital camera for a while when I had an email from Roey Marquis II. Once in a while he emails me links to posts on his excellent blog that he thinks I might find interesting – you can find it on his website here: On this occasion my eye was caught by a blog post about the Ricoh GR Digital – mostly as it contained some lovely black & white images.

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