Ricoh FF-90 Super

5 Frames with a Ricoh FF90 Super and a TC-9 Teleconverter

I love a point & shoot film camera, and generally find a lot of joy shooting many of them, regardless of how good or bad they are. But if there’s one that sticks in my mind from the earlier days of writing this blog it’s the Ricoh FF90. There was something about the unmistakable and strong 1980’s styling combined with the excellent lens quality that meant that I really enjoyed both the shooting of it and the results I got.

Ricoh FF-90 Super

Ricoh FF-90 Super Review – A Landscape Photographer’s New Companion – By Adam Smith

A couple of months ago I found myself heading to Wilson’s, a local antiques shop. Overlooking the aqua- marine waters of Lake Michigan, this shop is a popular destination for antique hunters, tourists and those that are looking for an indoors activity on a rainy day. I often drive by, telling myself that I should stop in and take a quick look. But as is often the case, I drive by—wondering why I did not just make a quick stop—it’s just a simple right turn after all…

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