Ricoh GR Digital

Ricoh GR Digital Classic Review – My Story – by Gabor Dobrocsi

Following on from Hamish’s thoughts shooting his recently discovered Ricoh GR Digital, I asked him if I could share my story of shooting one from new in 2007. When I got this little camera new, in a so-called “Creative Set” with the wide angle adapter and add on viewfinder, it felt like a compromise from the start – I didn’t really want yet another compact camera with a wide-angle lens, I was much more interested in an entry level DSLR such as the Nikon D50 with a nifty-fifty.

Ricoh GR Digital

Ricoh GR Digital Review – Shooting a Vintage Digital Camera

The Ricoh GR Digital is by all accounts an elderly digital camera. Released in 2005, it’s been superseded 5 times. This possibly begs the question as to why I’ve just spent £100 on one…?

I’d been looking around for a small compact digital camera for a while when I had an email from Roey Marquis II. Once in a while he emails me links to posts on his excellent blog that he thinks I might find interesting – you can find it on his website here: On this occasion my eye was caught by a blog post about the Ricoh GR Digital – mostly as it contained some lovely black & white images.

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