Picture of a camera

5 frames with my Rollei 35B and Ilford HP5 in Paris – By Alessandro Bellafiore

I am, if you want, an analogue native. And, for a number of lucky circumstances film photography never really went away. But being slightly lazy, my SLR would rarely follow me on trips and outings: I couldn’t be bothered to carry it around the whole day.

Then, about 9 months ago, something changed, and so the amount of photography I did. The trigger was my honeymoon trip. We were going to visit three main European cities and my, now wife, loves photography (especially when she’s in the frame!). I wanted to take pictures of this trip. it was a happy moment, we would be visiting stunning places, I did not want to be left with a million of rushed pictures on my phone. However, the idea of going the whole time, in the summer heath, with my trusty Fujica AX-3 hanging from my neck, like a postmodern St. Bernard, did not appeal to me.