Rollei Superpan 200

Rollei Superpan 200 Film Mini-Review

I was recently introduced to this film in the shape of a couple of outdated rolls kindly enclosed with an order for Rollei Infrared 400 from Nzphotochem. Nzphotochem is a trader on the local online, e-bay-type auction site here in New Zealand ( and is an invaluable source of many less common analogue consumables.

Rollei Superpan 200 is a medium speed, monochrome film with panchromatic response and extended sensitivity into the near infrared, up to around 800 nanometers. It is also suitable for reversal processing.

5 Frames with the Spinner 360°

I’ve had a thing about panoramas for some time and have experimented with rotation points and stitching software quite a bit over the years. Analogue panoramas are something else though. Posh schools seemed to do whole school photographs using panoramic cameras with rotating heads. None of my schools had enough space for the whole school to sit together, or teachers who were brave enough to try to herd us all together. I’m also aware of the Hasselblad XPan, the Widelux and the Russian Horizon cameras, but they are quite pricy (and I’m quite cheap).

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