Shanghai Film

The RB67 is a really massive camera, just absolutely far too large for street photography. And yet…

5 frames with Shanghai GP3 100 in a Mamiya RB67

When on vacation, one of my favorite activities is hitting the second hand markets for good deals on used camera gear. And, if you’ve never been, Namdaemun Market in Seoul does not disappoint. Home to several dozen used camera dealers ranging from large, well-appointed stores to tiny counters buried in the basement of packed market halls, the dealers in Namdaemun have nearly anything you could want at surprisingly reasonable prices.

the canon L3 with the Jupiter lens attached pictured on a window sill in window light

5 frames with the Canon L3, Jupiter 12 lens, and Shanghai Light 400 in London

I didn’t intend to buy another camera. Yet, in a way, this camera found me, like a wand to the witch in certain famous fantasy novels by a certain famous fantasy author.

The camera is the Canon L3. An underrated rangefinder with no light meter and possibly the best shutter sound in existence. The story of how this camera found me actually begins with a different camera, a FED 2 rangefinder, another underrated mechanical wonder. This time, instead of Japanese design (Canon), it was from the former Soviet Union.

Pressure Plate

The Whole Roll – Shanghai GP3 220 film in a Yashica Mat124G – By George Griffin

I recently acquired a Yashica Mat 124g and I put a test roll of Ilford’s HP5+ through it and everything looked good. It was time to go shoot some proper images. I have always been wary of loading roll film. There is always the fear of dropping it and the whole thing unravelling and losing …

The Whole Roll – Shanghai GP3 220 film in a Yashica Mat124G – By George Griffin Read More

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