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Roland grain mill, shot on Kodak Portra 160 at one of Bremen's ports

Bremen Ports, a Playground for Photographing Industrial Architecture – by Christian Schroeder

As it turned out, the Bremen ports are a real playground for photographing industrial architecture. The place offers proud warehouses and grain silos coming from glorious past. In this article, I will show you images that are more than two years old. Although I pretty much like them, I have been keeping these photographs hidden in a “poison cabinet” – until now. How could that happen? I am going to tell you in a moment.

My Dark Side: Night Photography with CineStill 800T Film – By Christian Schroeder

I always found myself drawn to the rather mystical photographs captured at night. Not only that these images are kinda cool, it’s also very practical during the winter season: sitting in the office nine to five, you won’t see much daylight from November till February. Being curious about the hyped motion picture film, I decided to give it a try. So I started a project of night photography with CineStill film in the autumn of 2018. I ended up shooting mainly architectural(-ish) subjects. Buildings have a great advantage for this type of photography: they usually stand still, even for hours. I specifically looked for dark places throughout the city, to obtain images that evoke an otherworldly mood.

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