Jupiter 3 on a leica m3

Jupiter-3 – Sourcing my Perfect Soviet Lens with a bit of Help From Skyllaney – By Sasha Tsyrlin

My first memory of a camera goes back to my childhood in USSR and me holding my grandfather’s Zorki or FED (I don’t remember which). I remember looking through a Soviet Universal turret “revolver” viewfinder. I really liked rotating it and seeing different image sizes as the viewfinder changed for the different focal lengths. I really don’t remember what lens my grandfather’s camera had, but I imagine it had to be a Jupiter of sorts.

Skyllaney-Restored Sonnars Reunited with Their Old Rangefinder Camera – By Phil Steelandt

Spring 2019. One of my friends (he runs an antique shop in Ghent, Belgium) sends me a picture of a Leica IIIc with a screw mounted Sonnar with the message, “Is this something for you? I’ bought some furniture today and the guy wants to sell me his dad’s camera too. Put a price on it and call me back. I’m leaving here within 10 minutes.”

Skyllaney single coated Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar

Skyllaney Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 Single Coated Sonnar Review – Exploring Classic Sonnars pt.12

This Leica thread mount modified Skyllaney Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 single coated Sonnar lens is third I’ve reviewed from the hands of Chris Andreyo from Skyllaney this year. It’s the most expensive, and certainly the most desirable by most people’s standards I’m sure. Like every single Sonnar I’ve tried, it has also shown me something new, as well as helping define what I like from this formula of lens.

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