Techart LM-EA9 used to mount Zeiss 50mm f/2 ZM to Sony A7iii with AF

Techart Pro LM-EA9 Auto Focus Lens Adapter Review

I love my manual focus Leica mount lenses, they are increasingly the main reason why I keep my m-mount digital cameras. With that said, sometimes I go through phases where my appreciation for autofocus cameras and lenses increases, and the Leicas and M lenses spend more time on the shelf. I’m going through one of those phases at the moment. I’ve been shooting my Sony RX100VII and A7III more than anything else in my cupboard for a good few months. All this is part of the reason I was so excited to read about the new Techart Pro LM-EA9 lens adapter; an adapter that allows M-Mount lenses – and other lenses with further adapters – to be mounted to a Sony camera with the addition of autofocus capability.