7 November, 2023

Veliko Tarnovo – a Glimpse into its Past

By Julian Tanase

As my business trips are usually done by driving, when I have some meetings or work to do in Bulgaria, I always stop for a day or two in Veliko Tarnovo. It is on the “eas...

26 October, 2023

Traversing The Cowboy Trail (Part two)

By Azriel Knight

Hello again! If you missed the first part of my journey across Alberta’s Cowboy Trail I highly recommend checking it out, otherwise this will make just about zero sense&#...

21 October, 2023

Traversing The Cowboy Trail (Part One)

By Azriel Knight

For those outside Alberta, and definitely Canada, The Cowboy Trail is a long stretch of road on the west end of the province. It runs from Mayerthorpe to Cardston, over 700KM al...

26 September, 2023

AgfaPhoto APX 100 in Furano, Hokkaido

By Geoff Chaplin

The character on the right, Hesomaru, is the mascot of Furano. The ‘face’ is drawn on his rather large belly while is head and arms are hidden under the hat. Heso me...