TTartisan 21mm f/1.5 ASPH

An Overview of my 5 Artisans Lenses – 7 and TT

The spark for this post started with an email thread between myself and Haimsh where I was detailing my obsession with my new to me Leica M Type 240. Hamish predicted that I would be headed for an M mount slippery slope. The man is not wrong. This is a valid risk. I shared with him that my plan was to gravel and sand the slope with the less expensive lenses I have from 7Artisans and TTArtisans. Similar names. Different companies. Same factory I understand. Different lenses. This post outlines how things are going so far.

TTArtian 21mm f/1.5

TTArtisan 21mm f/1.5 ASPH review – by Vincent Bihler

We are currently living a very exciting period of time. The lens market has been rencently opened with third party producers that are becoming better and better, often at a very challenging price point. TTArtisan is one of these brands from China. It is aiming at creating high quality lenses for Leica rangefinders cameras. Their first mass produced lens was the TTArtisan 35mm f/1.4 (that I previously reviewed here). They made some very fine glass with this first attempt providing both a modern high contrast optics with somewhat classical gentleness in its rendering. I have been using this lens for a while now and really can find no complaint about this piece of kit. TTArtisan even oftered me a free exchange of the first pre-release version I had for a new final mass production version with the removable hood, which I find to be more reassuring in case the hood would get bent.

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