Ultrafine Xtreme

Sneaky shot of the gatekeeper

Reportage at the Rodeo – By Cody Allen

First, a little background: I have lived in small-town Wisconsin for the last four years. Coming from California it was a bit of a shock; not because it was so different in the city, but rather, maybe for the first time, I felt like I was truly home. My wife and I moved with our one dog, got another dog, had our first child, and most recently bought our first house. Somewhere in the middle about two years ago, I discovered film photography and down the rabbit hole I went; buying cameras, testing film stocks, learning to develop and scan my work and try to discover my style as I studied photo books by the masters. Fast forward to this summer and an annual event that comes to town called Wild West Days is taking place and with it, the rodeo and that’s where my story actually begins…

5 Frames with Pentax 645 (Ultrafine Xtreme 100 & TMAX 400) – By Christoph Traugott

As a kid, my family was transferred to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dad was working on a project for Caterpillar Inc. During that stay, my father let me use the much-valued Pentax ME Super, taking Koda-and-Ektachromes, and a whole new world opened up. I didn’t really know what I was doing then; much less than half turned OK. I really had no idea – being 8 years old – of film formats, or all the camera tech. I just knew that – was taken to a camera store by a friend – the featured Pentax 645 seemed like this awesome super-monster robot of a camera. And recently, by random happenstance, when a good deal with 4 lenses came up—without hesitation, took a 250 mile road trip to obtain, rekindling my childhood fascination

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