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An unexpected Yashica T4 and some unplanned snow

In the summer of 2022 I experienced some health issues that needed time and attention, so I applied for a treatment. There was a waiting period. So in the middle of November I finally arrived in a small spa town in Northern Germany where I was to stay until Christmas. I had time on my hands in between the treatments . My condition allowed for walks, in fact I was encouraged to go out. The weather, however, had decided not to cooperate with this medical advice. It displayed all the characteristics of the Northern German winter. It is possible to love the Northern German winter if you watch it unfold from, say, the Bahamas. Any view point closer than that is not advised. Grey, cold, rain and misery will last until they run out of steam and are then replaced by fresh grey, rain, cold and misery, just more of it this time.

Exploring an Ice Factory in Mississippi with Panatomic-X Film in a Hasselblad – by Andrew Morang

Regular readers of 35mmc know that I like to photograph urban (and rural) decay. Last December (2019), quite by chance, I found a treasure in Jackson, Mississippi. In the southeast part of town, which was formerly industrial, I saw a car at the old Morris Ice Company warehouse at 652 South Commerce Street. Next to the building, an old electric pump partly smothered with vines called out to be photographed. A young gent came by, looked at my Hasselblad camera with interest, and said he had recently bought the building along with four acres of land from the heirs of the Morris family.

Exploring Worcester’s Former Fire Station

Worcester’s former fire station is a huge complex of buildings that sits in such close proximity to where I work that I have very frequently wished I could get inside to photograph it. As someone who finds photographing the inside of disused buildings like this really interesting, I have often found myself wondering what remains inside. That was until recently when the opportunity finally came up to have a bit of a poke around with a camera in my hand…

Sansome Walk – The Silent Leisure Centre

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to explore a disused leisure centre in my home city of Worcester. As somewhere I’d been a fair few times when it was open there was a hint of nostalgia, combined with the excitement and awe that came along with being able to freely explore this otherwise closed to the public place. What I didn’t quite anticipate was the silence.

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