Nippon Kogaku W-Nikkor.C 3.5cm f/2.5 LTM

Nikon (Nippon Kogaku) W-Nikkor.C 3.5cm f/2.5 LTM – Nikon’s Tiny Gems, pt 1 – By Agata Urbaniak

Over the lockdown period I moved away from shooting concerts towards a more casual kind of photography, scoping out locations in the neighbourhood, using photography as a pretext to leave the house and break the monotony of working from home. Before, I would always primarily consider whether a lens is going to be suitable for gigs. The tiny underground (often literally) venues I’d frequent provide very little in terms of lighting and so speed was usually the first criterion I’d take into account. Now that the concern that anything slower than f/2 might not be that useful is gone I was able to consider a wider variety of lenses. Having been very satisfied with the results I was getting with the Japanese Summilux, I turned my attention to lenses from the similar period, especially those that came in the Leica Thread Mount.