Wide-Angle Lens

Ampro MC 28mm f/2.8 – A Few Frames with the Worst Lens Ever?

I am a man with many interests and hobbies.  Beyond just collecting and using cameras I also like to repair them.  Sometimes even successfully.

I acquired a Ricoh ZR-20sp for repair.  I am still amidst researching and finding the time to take it apart and fix its ailments. With this purchase came with an excellent Rikenon 50mm f/2.  Affectionally hailed as the Cheap Man’s Summicron.  We will see about testing that one day…  Also with it came a curious off-brand wide-angle prime.  I was excited as I lack wide-angle primes as a whole.  And the 28mm focal length is one often marked as a great over-all companion especially by street photographers.  This focal length would also work as a great ‘normal’ field of view on my Pentax K-7.

Ilford Advocate Lens – Bodge Mounted By The Geniuses at WYC

Ages ago, the guys at West Yorkshire Cameras posted a picture of a lens they “cobbled” together on Instagram. Apparently, behind the scenes they had joked about the fact that I would probably see it, likely be interested, and would even possibly get in touch with them about having a go with it. Seems I took the bait.

Not long later, I had this unusual contraption in my possession.

PPP 35M Color-Minotar 35mm f2.8 Review

Recently, the lens market has seen a new fresh offering for us, vintage lenses enthusiastic people. Some workshops, like PPP, Omnar, MS Optics has been offering the possibility to shoot old lenses previously only available on some point and shoot cameras by converting them to the M-mount. By doing so, it is now possible to get these old vintage vibes on various, more serious cameras, from film M mount cameras to digital with various mirrorless brands.

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