5 Frames with a Yashica-Mat TLR & Portra 400 on a road trip to Anchorage – Dan Smouse

The text message from my brother said there was a package heading my way but I was not to open it until Christmas. Being we are both camera junkies and most of our weekly phone calls are camera related, I assumed the packaged contained something pertaining to photography. When the package arrived I was surprised, as well as intrigued, by the size and heft of it. Christmas was still a week or so away and the anticipation was killing me. To put it mildly, I was like a child at, well, Christmas!

5 Frames with a Yachica-Mat – by Phil Harrison

I have a personal interest in the Yashica-Mat. Having set off in 1972 to West Bromwich Photographic College with only a Zenith B and realising something better was required, I part-exed the Zenith at a camera shop in Wilmslow for a used Yashica-Mat. They were still in production in 1972. I think the shop was called Laughtons and I believe I was assisted in the purchase by my family. This camera did sterling work at college, then later when working at a hospital, for doctors and nurses weddings.

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