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Yashica Elite 70

Yashica Elite 70 Review – No Zeiss No Problem – By Sean Benham

When I hear about Yashica and point and shoot cameras I think of the T series. Just doing a search on eBay, T3 and T4 start in the $300 range. As we know with many of these plastic devices, once they break, they’re not able to be fixed. I’m not here to knock those cameras, because in fact, from what I’ve seen, they produce nice photos. What I wanted to share with you is a different Yashica that honestly surprised me with it’s quality of shots, both with metering and sharpness. The Yashica Elite 70, also named Yashica Elite 70 Zoom, Yashica EZS Zoom 70, Yashica Zoomate 70, and finally Kyocera Campus 70.

Yashica J and J2 (Ninja Star) Mini-Review – Back to the 80s – By Meifei Tang

I’m not fully loaded with all the best gear in town like it seems some photo bloggers, Instagrammers, and what-have-yous. I don’t have all the Leicas, Hasselblads, and so on. But I’ve always come from the belief that it’s the person’s vision and skill that matters. Besides, not everyone can afford all the high-end gear. People like me do make the best out of our resources and sometimes get a little experimental with how to stretch our budgets.

Yashica T4 and Olympus AF-10

Yashica T4 Review: A ‘Cult vs. Budget’ Comparison – By Dmitry Zhilyaev

I happened to own a Yashica T4 and I have a very strange relationship with it. I am well aware of its cult status. I know that its Zeiss lens should be really good and especially for a compact camera. I see gazillions of positive reviews of it. But every time I am going through another roll from it I am finding myself thinking: “So this is it? Is it really that different from any other camera?” Don’t get me wrong, the results are not bad. But they don’t blow my mind either.

Yashica T3 Super D

Yashica T3 Super D Review – by Byron Hawes

Hey there, I’m a long-time 35mmc lurker, and, now, first time poster. A couple of weeks ago, at the tail end of a bottle of Jameson, I ham-fisted an email to Hamish offering my services, in a way that he could have, quite reasonably, ignored.Yet, here we are. Despite the fact that my intro included the sentence ‘My writing style is relatively dense, occasionally excoriating’. So apologies in advance, my unknown, yet well loved, fellow image nerds.

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