Yashica T4

Yashica T4

Yashica T4 Review – Goodbye to an old friend – By Clive Williams

The Yashica T4 and I go back a long way: right back to 1993, when I bought one in Birmingham as a quick and pocketable complement to my Pentax SLR kit. I’d looked at the Olympus XA and Mju ranges too, but the allure of the Zeiss T* lens outpulled them. The sales manager in the shop nodded approvingly at my choice: “A bit of quality,” was his opinion.

Yashica T4 and Olympus AF-10

Yashica T4 Review: A ‘Cult vs. Budget’ Comparison – By Dmitry Zhilyaev

I happened to own a Yashica T4 and I have a very strange relationship with it. I am well aware of its cult status. I know that its Zeiss lens should be really good and especially for a compact camera. I see gazillions of positive reviews of it. But every time I am going through another roll from it I am finding myself thinking: “So this is it? Is it really that different from any other camera?” Don’t get me wrong, the results are not bad. But they don’t blow my mind either.

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